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Here are some miscellaneous commentaries that are not complete enough to be self-contained essays. Many of the initial (undated) batch were sitting on my hard drive for several years. Subsequent entries are current as of the posting date.


Comments on Ehrman's Did Jesus Exist?


On early Christian dishonesty

On rewriting the historical Jesus essay

Some reflections on historical research

Reducing induction to deduction

Like it or not

The Pournelle axes

A writer's apology

PDF viewers

Some changes coming soon, I hope

Considering all things

Moral judgments

Parity of evidence


Comparative apologetics

Reflections on quantum defiance of classical logic

Random reflections

Still learning after all these years

On scientific laws

On worldviews

On award-winning journalism

My conservatism

'That's not us'

Philosopher kings? Kings no. Philosophers yes.

No new atheism


Reflections on induction

On Karen Armstrong's Case for God

Notes on "New Perspectives on Old-Time Religion"

The right to believe: No big deal

On extraordinary claims

Reflections on induction




Clifford, belief, and morality

The philosophical pioneers

Ancient documents and ancient thinking

Historical research, legalities aside

And so what?

Not much to go on

Truth, reality, and logic

Needed: Citizen philosophers

The epistemic community

The important questions

History and principled behavior

Proving arithmetic

Knowledge and certainty

Human nature


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